About Deaton Dance



DEATON SCHOOL OF DANCING was established by Yvonne Deaton when she qualified as a Professional Dance Teacher at the age of 17 years! Yvonne first qualified with the Irish Professional Teachers of Sequence Dancing, the United Kingdom Alliance of Dance Teachers, and the International Dance Teachers Association.

Yvonne originally established the School in James Street Dublin, where she is from, and after moving to Knocklyon in 1987, she continued teaching classes in this area as well. Throughout the years Yvonne has continued to take further Professional qualifications and the school teaches Standard Ballroom, Latin American, Sequence, Freestyle, Salsa and Dance Exercise, all of which Yvonne holds qualifications for.

In 1994 Yvonne took her Fellowship Examination with the IDTA, the highest Professional Qualification you can take, and feels proud to be one of only three or four dance teachers in Ireland to hold this degree. Throughout the years, the school has gone from strength to strength, teaching children and adults of all ages, from beginners to competition standard.

Whether you want to take your dancing seriously, or just have fun and enjoy yourself, there is a class to suit you. Children are encouraged to join classes from the age of three years and there are special classes for tiny tots! Of course children can join at any age and there are classes to suit all abilities. Adults can join at any time, with or without a partner, and you will be rewarded with a fun new hobby, while keeping fit at the same time.

Each year, the pupils have the option to take part in the IDTA Medal Test examinations, and children are also encouraged to partake in competitions , if they wish to. For our annual class trophy day, the children prepare all their normal dances, and also do teamwork, presenting some brilliant show-dances on the day.

Yvonne has trained many of her students to be successful professional dance teachers, and is proud to say that many have gone on to establish their own successful dance schools. Her daughters have also qualified through IDTA with her training and teach alongside Yvonne every week.  Yvonne is passionate about bringing ballroom dancing into the education system and teaches in both primary and secondary schools, which she enjoys thoroughly.

Finally, if you are getting married, you really should think about your First Wedding Dance so if you contact Yvonne, we can set up a series of private lessons for you so you will be perfectly in step on the day!

Come on, give it a try, join the DEATON SCHOOL OF DANCING today!!

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